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100 GREATEST MOVIE POSTERS. Fascinating site filled with movie related material. This page features the tccandler selection of the 100 greatest movie posters. Images are sharp and clear and fun to evaluate. This page will serve as entre to the balance of the site, which should be checked out.

Balboa Theatre. Site for an independent movie theater in San Francisco. Aside from current programs there is a fascinating newsletter -- full of personal insights, news and information about the SF movie scene. Theatre's exhibition schedule is a model of what non mainstream movie theaters should be offering.

Film Score Monthly. Web site for the premiere publication on a major area of movie memorabilia collecting: the music soundtrack. Filled with information, opinions and the enthusiam of true afficianados.

HOLLYWOOD POSTER FRAMES. The premiere framing outfit of the movie poster hobby and business. Framers to the mega collectors, Hollywood studio sand Academy of Motion Picture
Arts and Sciences among myriad others. The web page is an education in framing techniques and browsing it is never again having to say "so what exactly is archival framing?"

The Web Newsroom. Valuable internet news site. Contains information flow of web happenings. It has a special section related to entertainment/movie events on the www.

Day For Night. Off beat review site. Offers brief but thoughtful write ups on current releases.

Senses Of Cinema. On line film journal with serious and fascinating discussions of movies. Site covers all aspects of cinema from current releases to classic films. It also has one of the best links pages we've seen to date.

Posterdelica. A site devoted to the great psychedelic posters of the 1960s -- from the Fillmore masterpieces of San Francisco to London's unique foil double crowns by Martin Sharp.

PETALUMA ON FILM. Site has information and photos on the many films made in this pretty north of San Francisco city. Among the movies highlighted: American Graffiti, Peggy Sue Got Married and Inventing The Abbotts.

The Movie Gurus. International group of film critics reviewing current movies and latest video releases. Nice use of poster images.

Film Festivals . The name of the site says it all. Extensive information on the ever growing world of film festivals.

Silent Film Bookshelf. Excellent source of information on silent films. The links page is a joy, with some great personal choices.

Brian's Drive In Theater. The Ultimate B movie site. A vast and fact filled exploration of everyone's secret cinematic pleasures. Be prepared to spend some time here.

Rare Posters. Posters from World Wars I and II, travel and advertising posers: a site devoted to original commercial images from the past.

A Customer's Collection. Click on the movie poster link for a gallery of poster images. Interesting view of one collector's favorites.

Shades Of Day. Site is devoted to the creation of an independent film and gives interesting insights into the mechanics of making one's own movie. There is also an extensive, near exhaustive section of links to other sites dealing in every aspect of cinema.

Leonard Maltin's Web Site. An amazing site, full of information about old movies, all of it presented from Leonard Maltin's unique viewpoint. There's also a page that can be used to subscribe to Mr. Maltin's newsletter (Movie Crazy), which is a really good idea if you enjoy off- beat Hollywood history.

DISNEY LINKS. Links to over 200 Disney related sites, including a search engine that leads to hundreds more. One can get lost here for hours.

Coolidge Corner Movie Theatre. One of Boston's major independent movie theares. Site is information packed and has a great image of the theatre's famed Art Deco interior.

Rue Morgue Magazine. A frightening "sight" and home to North America's premiere horror entertainment magazine.

Movie Collectors World. The monthy publication that is the trade "bible" for movie poster collectors and dealers. Page after page of ads, plus informative articles (some by yours truly).

Dominique Besson posters. One of the leading French movie poster dealers with an amazing selection and catalog.

ReelMind.com. A busy film information site, filled with links and resources on everything from animation to screenwriting. One could spend hours here.

metacritic. A great site that rates 30 major film reviews on each release and then assigns a ranking. Good information on current films and a nice friendly tone.

Cannes Film Festival. The official site for the world's most important film festival, held every May in the south of France.

Films For Two. A fascinating review site with a unique perspective. We find it very useful.

The Internet Movie Data Base. The movie megasite. Credits for almost 200,000 movies, videos, and TV shows. This is the site the people in the movie industry use to retrieve information.

Rock-n-Reel. "Your one-stop source for information about music in the movies."

ReviewingTheEvidence.com. A site devoted to mystery novels and true crime.

Maine Antique Digest. The only truly independent trade paper dealing with antiques and collectibles.

Antiques Roadshow. Antiques Roadshow is the reason that Rudy, Barbara, and Regina Franchi may be unavailable during summer weekends. Check the shooting schedule on the WGBH website, and, watch for Rudy appraising all sorts of pop culture items on air.

Bright Lights . Thoughtful film reviews

Golden Age of Radio. A site devoted to my fourth major obsession (after movies, movie posters, anything to do with the London Transport system), vintage radio. I grew up during the golden age of radio and I still listen to programs from the past.

BEST MOVIE POSTES OF ALL TIME. An offbeat list of great movie posters that doesn't pander to classic titles or weird graphics. The list's compiler is careful to include posters that not only carry a strong image, but also relate to the content of the film. Enough already with these fascinating posters of a bleeding skull that turns out to be for the Polish release of Funny Face.

Hollywood's Attic. Excellent site that comes in handy when searching for old, rare and hard to find films on video. Don't hesitate to search because they come up with some of the toughest to get material.

Film Forum. New York's premiere independent movie theatre with a web site that overflows with insightful comments on the films it screens.

Larry Edmunds Bookshop. Larry Edmunds Bookshop: 60 years of selling movie books, cinema ephemera and posters. Tons of material have flowed through this Hollywood based shop, a temple to collectible film paper.

Rene Wanner's Poster Page. Exhaustive information source about all types of posters: travel, war, movie, etc. Massive number of links to organizations and people in the wide world of poster collecting.

Movie Reviews For The Retarded. A twisted and fun site: movies as seen through the eyes of video store clerks. Set your egg time for 1/2 an hour. Spend longer than that reading this stuff and you'll end up on the roof playing hockey.

Upcoming Horror Films. Site features tons of information on all aspects of horror movies: current and future releases, new DVDs, industry news and more. A must bookmark site for fans of the genre.

Show Biz Awards Gold Derby. Amazing site filled with a vast amount of information about all the major movie, theater and TV awards. One can handicap upcoming awards or check who won what. There's a rolling ticker of awards news plus much more. This is the type of information source that could only exist on the www.

POSTERWIRE.COM. Posterwire.com is a movie poster weblog. From images of the latest Hollywood one-sheets to vintage movie posters, this film poster weblog hopes to offer a bit of insight into film key ar

Movie Poster Award. The must go to site for images of all upcoming and current releases, plus an archive going back to the 80s. Site displays teaser version plus advances and the regular release version. It shows all posters in a series plus any variations. A great resource for poster collectors and dealers.

Poster News Bulletin Blog. Acerbic blog with comments on the movie poster collecting scene including auction reports.

SCOOP. Web newsletter with tons of info about goings on in the world of collectibles. Link takes you sign up page (it's free.) It sure brightens my day when a new issue pops up on the screen.

NOSTALGIA FACTORY. The site my wife Barbara and I started in the early 90s and sold last year to Newbury Comics. They have been keeping up the proud tradition of selling only orignal posters and releated items (press kits, pressbooks, etc.) There are 39,000 entries on the site with stuff dating from the silent era right through current releases and it's all the real thing.

CineFemme. Cinefemme is an international forum designed to discuss and project images of women in film and media. They draw attention to specific women's film festivals within Europe and the USA and also feature information on women's filmmaking in Stockholm and film festivals. (Movie Reviewer Moira Sullivan.)

THE GREATEST FILMS. One of the web's most important sites. It contains an exhaustive and seemingly never ending flow of information about the greatest films ever made, the Oscars (and a fascinating list of great films that not only didn't win Oscars -- they weren't even nominated.) There are lists of movie quotes and lists of incorrect movie quotes. There are lists of lists and the detailed information on this site just tumbles out until you have to go and get buckets to catch it all. Journey to it at your peril, because you lose many hours following the endless trails of facts and myths about your favorite film and their stars.

What's On The Net. 5000+ links, all to movie related sites. Major time saver when looking for info...also fun to surf.

DAVEKEHR.COM. Not only is Dave Kehr perhaps the most writerly of current film critics, his depth of knowledge about cinema history makes his reviews and ruminations a joy to read. Also,unlike with most blogs, the comments are fascinating. Posted mainly by neo-auteurists, the virtual spawn of St. Andrew
(Sarris), they offer a look into the alternative world of film criticism. The site also has a link to Dave's weekly NY Times
column reviewing recent DVD releases, especially the often excellent repackaging of film classics. His commentary on the films, their director, the genre they represent and the impact of restored scenes and added special material, has turned what could have been a rather mundane group of listings into a unique entity with a very cinematic life of its own.

AuctionBytes.com. Useful site about selling on the web. It sends out an interesting newsletter filled with stories about eBay news, both positive and negative. Site is often quoted in mainstream press when discussing auction e-commerce.

MOVIE POSTER FORUM. Do you sometimes feel you are the only one collecting movie posters? Are you lonely and misunderstood -- friends and partners shummng you when you start talking about your rolled, double sided advance one sheet for Joe's Apartment? Well there's help at MPF: Movie Poster Forum. A discussion group filled with fellow misfits and compulsive collectors who have no fear of talking endlessly about their hobby, sharing collecting leads, warning of eBay scammers, posting images of obscure Hungarian re-release billboards, warmly greeting any new members of the group and offering a helping hand to all who share their addiction. What's the use of sitting alone in your room: sign up today.

Classic Movies. An information site dedicated to The Golden Age Of Hollywood: News, Facts, Background Information and a fan's dedication to the movies, stars and directors that created the stuff that dreams are made of.

Learn About Movie Posters. The major net resource for information about movie posters. Site offers a vast amount of facts, images, links and vetted ads. New information is added daily and they also issue a handy newsletter. If you interested in movie posters as a dealer or collector, LAMP has to be at the top your bookmarks.

I Collect Movie Posters. Movie Poster Collector's Portal. Free collection software, Movie Posters for sale and wanted, Movie Poster collector prices database, image galleries, and much more. Site is run by Jon Warren, one of the Masters Of The Movie Poster World and a national treasure.

WHAT VANITY!. Since moving to L.A. a few years ago, my daughter Regina and I have become fascinated with vanity plates. I surrendered to the trend and got plates that read TOONTIE (a reference to the comic character ties I wear on Antiques Roadshow.) Regina's response was to start a site featuring unusual plates that she and contributors to the site see in their daily travels.

RIVERSIDE COLLECTIBLES/ORIGINAL POSTERS. Riverside Collectibles specializes in quality original posters, with an emphasis on Travel Posters.

POSTERFIX. Site for poster restoration studio run by Chris Cloutier. It contains illustrated information about restoration methods plus other poster related material ( artists, books, etc. ) The place to start if you are looking to have a poster restored.

THE COLLECTORS WEEKLY. I recently discovered this site and am quite amazed by it. Collecors Weekly covers the broad field of collectibles by offering well chosen links within each category. Hundreds of themes are covered, but one is not overwhelmed since the subdivisions are quite well organized. It's become my first destitnation when I run into a question during an appraisal. My second destination is Google. Engough said?

GRACENOMICS. New blog that deals with the dangers of drilling for natural gas in New York States Marcellus Shale.

Poster News Bulletin. Blog comments about goings on in the world of movie poster collecting + rides other hobby horses.

Gracenomics. Not a movie related site. It deals with current events.

QUAD ROYAL . A U.K. enthusiast's blog filled with warm and witty commentary plus a great selection of images. This blogger loves posters, especially post 1960 material and knows his stuff.

ON LINE MOVIE POSTER PRICE GUIDE. Jon Warren, the movie poster polymath, has launched an online
version of his price guide. It's a movie poster Wikipedia: one can add information, auction price results, images. Should be a valuable resource.

Vision Fitness And Wellnes. This is the site of my trainer Natania
Goldberg, here in L.A. I've been working with her for 2 1/2 years and have lost 40 pounds, am once more energetic and my type 2 diabetes has abated to the point where I no longer need medication.
I recommend her very highly. rudy

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